Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Fat people are unhealthy, lazy and eat a lot of junk food and fizzy drinks, right? And as a result, they will suffer from dangerous illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure. That's what we've been led to believe anyway. But latest research shows that one in four people labelled as obese is actually in top form. The so called fat people have normal blood pressure and process sugar easily. Scientists are even calling for the medical profession to embrace the term 'healthy obesity'.

Curvy celebrity Adele, said " I would lose weight if it affected my health, which it doesn't".
Age: 25

 Queen Latifah won’t ever be one to give up her guilty pleasures: “I demand my mac and cheese!” And with good reason. “I’m happy with where my body is,” she says. 
Age: 43

Jill Scott loves her curves and she said " I'll never be a stick figure. She recently lost 63lbs over two years.
Age: 41

Curvy Nigella Lawson, admits that she doesn't want to be skinny. " i don't equate thinness with healthiness as others do because I've only ever seen people get thin and then die", she says.

Most women are beginning to realise that good body image is more important to their health than their weight. I was a serial dieter for as long as I can remember before I finally learnt to embrace my curves. I had poor body image, low self esteem and I was so desperate to be thin. I tried different diets, diet pills, etc. all I was doing losing weight for a short time and later gain a lot more weight than I lost. 


So I gave up dieting and for the first time in a long time, I didn't gain any weight. I may be a size 18, but I'm happier, i love walking and my health says I'm in good shape. A recent study by German scientists also confirms that it might not be so much our weight but our genes that determine how healthy we will stay.

Whether slim or curvy, the most important things are positive body image, healthy lifestyle and happiness.
Enjoy your week Ladies

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  1. The mentality that fat is ugly & sick is so popular. We need people to be more aware that as long as u are fit it is okay to be fabulously fleshy. It defines your feminity and sincerely most honest n real men love big fleshy women. I would only subscribe to loosing weight if it affecting my health and mental well being. Loving my body all the way!


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