Thursday, 31 October 2013

Self Acceptance

Self acceptance to me, remains an interesting area I have struggled with for so many years now. Do you accept yourself as you are? It's a simple question that many people find difficult to answer. I want a face like that, I wish I had a flat tummy, my nose is too big, etc. these are statements I've heard too often.  At the deepest level, self-acceptance is either complete or not at all, but for most, yes/no feels too limited because we worry about all the things we would like to change about yourself.

  I have come across so many curvy, cute and confident women(different shape and sizes) taking a stand about self acceptance, they take beautiful pictures and they openly express how they feel about self acceptance and fashion.

imagehow to wear a white blazer #plussize #plussizeootd #plussize outfit inspiration, #old Navy dress, #plussize bloggers  photo 0597af5d-bc9f-4efb-815b-771c010b057b_zpsea1d6376.jpgTanesha Awasthi                                   Assa                                           Gabi

Over the years, I have fallen in love with these women and more. They have been a source of inspiration to me and I have been following all of these women over the years. They have played a huge part in me, embracing my curves and their words and pictures inspired me to launch into the unknown world of curvy fashion.  In no time, I started caring about how I look for the first time in years. I've looked down on myself and I've wasted too much time on being insecure about my body. Blogging has given me the opportunity to share my experience and also help other women who struggle with this same issue.

Women all over the world should learn to embrace their curves and who they are. The first and most important step to self acceptance is happiness. Earlier this year, I was in a mess and I thought things will never get better. Months went by and things never got better until I found happiness within me. “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”  as stated by Dalai Lama XIV. My life has change in ways I've never thought possible since accepting who I am.

Have a blessed day...

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  1. Beautiful post. I actually follow these bloggers. Accepting who you are the first step to happiness, and who said curvy girls don't have style ;)

    1. Thanks... slim/curvy we all can look fabulous

  2. You're right! Self acceptance is not easy, but life is definitely much more fun when you accept yourself for who you are

    1. Thanks Sisi Yemmmie... Its a long hard road like you rightly said and fulfilling affect acceptance...

  3. Thank you for featuring me on this post. Self acceptance for me is journey , it does not happen overnight. I myself was inspired by others both online and offline to accept myself.


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