Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SCM Focus

SCM Focus, this is a new segment that celebrates women that have taken the plunge into transforming their creative ideas and initiatives.
It will showcase women who are making a difference in their chosen career, business, fashion and celebrating their achievements!

D's Fashion Bags
Bourne out of the the love for the rich African cultural heritage, the brain behind these distinctively styled hand bags has taken modern day fashion by storm!
The hand bags meets all occasion and fashion persona of the 21st Century! 

Handbags are probably our most used accessory. With different types, materials, shapes and sizes; a lady’s handbag can say a lot about her. However these are pretty much stereotypical portrayals of different women by their bags. Have you ever thought of an alternative material to all these bags?
 And this time, I'm not talking about Ankara bags!
Introducing D’s Fashion bags. 
D’s bags are special hand woven bags that are made out of Buntal- a native material similar to rafia but with a fusion of leather. Beautifully crafted, these bags are not just pretty but also durable with different patterns and designs to cater to every part of a  ladies life.

Lets meet the brains behind these beautiful must-haves.

Tell us about yourself
My names are Adeola Elizabeth Adebiyi. Am a lady that believes in God; he knows the beginning from the end in my life and I owe all to Him. I'm a graduate of communications and public relations from Northumbria University, have always loved Media.  Have been able to make use of some subject areas; in the development of D’s Fashion. From marketing to advertising materials. 
I am passionate… love what I do. Am a very simple lady.. 

How did it all start and what makes your bags different?
Based in the UK, I've always wanted a fashion collection that will cut across different cultures. The idea started because I wanted something unique and different that ladies will relate and connect with.
 D’s bags visually can be compared with a woven traditional mat that triggered the concept. No doubt, there are loads  of competitors out there but D's bag strength and durability engineered in to their production makes it a must-have valuable ladies accessory.

 Are they affordable and how has the response and acceptance been so far?
They are very affordable and available for all age group of ladies that wants to ‘MAKE A STATEMENT!’  Since it's inception two years ago, D’s bags is fast becoming a status symbol and widely embraced amongst fashion must-have with ladies around UK, Europe, Ghana and Nigeria.   

What are your plans for the future?
Hmmmmmmm…… for the future I hope D’s Fashion will grow into an empire; from clothes, shoes, bags, etc. I hope to introduce affordable matching shoe line range as demand is growing in a geometric progression.
Lastly, expand our production to meet other parts of the world including America. 

Where can we purchase D's Bags?
D's bag can purchased from:
Dame's bridal @ Oko Oba, Agege.
We also ship from the UK, so select your bags today we ship worldwide.
Visit: My Blog
On face book: D’s Fashion
Email us on: deesfashion11@yahoo.com

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