Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cool Culotte

Hello everyone,  hope you are having a great day? Most times I stand in front of my closet murmuring about not having anything to wear. I'm sure this happens to almost everyone. After all the murmuring I always end up with lovely outfits that looks like I just got back from a shopping spree. 

Sometimes we need to be creative or think outside the box. Do you sometimes feel like you have nothing to wear? Leave a comment below and let me know what you do when you are in this situation.

Outfit Details
Top - Forever 21
Culottes - Asos [] Similar Here
Bag - Topshop [] Similar Here & Here
Shoes - Zara [] Similar Here

Until next time
Have a blessed day


  1. you are not alone dear. I feel like that almost all the time and especially on Sundays.... you look mwah mwah mwhah, love the blouse, keep on shining.........x

    1. Thank God am not alone.... Thanks so much

  2. love the outfit! especially the culottes xoxo


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