Friday 20 September 2013

Size wise & know your body shape

Hello Ladies, it's important that we all appreciate who we are and our body types. There are many images online showing different body types but most of us still wear the wrong dress sizes or we pick the wrong body type.

 I strongly believe any woman can look good as long as we are size wise and also know our correct body type.  So recently, Marisota an online clothing company launched  a campaign called " Get wise about your size". 

Most women tend to believe they are a different shape and size than they are which leads us to buy clothes in sizes and styles that do not fit our curves. They created a useful online tool  that tackles this problem. I have tried the tool myself and it's really useful. All you need is measuring tape to measure your bust, waist and hips in inches.

 Add your measurements and it will tell you which body shape you are. Go on ladies give it a go, you've got nothing to lose...


Have a lovely weekend Ladies...

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  1. Please , could u write on ur natural hair care routine and products used?
    Lovely job u are doing here. I'm a super curvy lady who has just started her natural hair journey n I can see u are rocking natural hair too. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Olabisi
      I'm glad we are on the same journey and I've taken note of your request.
      Thanks for your support.


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