Wednesday 11 December 2013

A letter to myself on my birthday... 11/12/13

Dear Ashabi, 
I really don't know where to start from but here we go. So it's your birthday today, it's amazing how fast the past year has been. Ashabi, am proud of the woman you are gradually becoming, a woman of substance with integrity in sight.

The past one year has been filled with a lot of ups and some down times but be thankful for all the experience and I hope you have learnt your lesson because it's time to move on to greater challenges.
Furthermore, you are doing well as a mum and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The love you have for your husband is unparalleled and always strive to a better wife everyday.

Family is a big part of your life. Thanks to your lovely parents for raising you in a Godly manner and giving you the best start in life.

It's time to get real Ashabi, you have a lot to achieve this new year and there is no time for sentiments. Quit procrastinating and start taking steps towards achieving your goals, always remember the keys to success lies with you it's time to reach out and get it.

It's good to know you've finally accepted your curves (thanks to super curvy me readers) and I can't but notice how confident you are in your own skin. Your naturally hair is beautiful and stop thinking about cutting it again. 

You are capable of more things than you know and never give you up on your dreams because you are closer than you think. You can never go astray committing your ways to the hands of the Almighty. This next year, be prepared to discover new things about yourself. 
It's time to SHINE Ashabi

 You are finally doing what you love and that is something you will never regret. 
Keep moving forward...


A proud moment

My Wedding Day
My Adorable Daughter

My Mama & Papa

The love of my life

My Bestie


  1. A letter To Ashabi:
    Dear Ashabi, let me start by wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
    You are a great woman,i see your heart through your post, the struggles,pain and hurt you go through.
    But beyond that i've also seen a Loving,Kind and Super-Curvy Woman.*winks*
    You are not alone, and will never be.
    Your Dreams and Expectations are yours to execute and because your a Wise Woman all of them will Come to pass.
    Your Family will rise up and call you blessed.
    Fight on and Never give up.
    You are Loved.

    1. Thanks Ugomma for your comment. Life is filled with obstacles but a woman must carry on... Thanks for you encouragement...

  2. Ashabi ti n sha pounds sterlings.
    Happy birthday!
    It's good to know you attended Reagan. Who won most of the competitions then? Was it not MGHS? #trying to look serious# LOL!
    Have a good laugh on your birthday and may your years be filled with heartfelt laughter.

    1. Emi ni yen ooo... Up Reagan
      I had a great time and thx for stopping by...


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