Friday 11 October 2013

Fix your foundation...

Hello ladies, first of all I want to thank everyone for all the views, comments and likes. I appreciate the support and am glad this blog is reaching out to a lot of people. I got a comment a couple of days ago about how lucky I am not having a " pouch tummy". I smiled when I saw this comment because every woman has bits of her body she likes and bits she doesn't.

The foundation of any outfit starts from our lingerie to shape wear and finally our outfit. Most of us skip the second step 'shape wear' and this step is very important.  Shape wear should be every woman's best friend and it should be the foundation of every garment. Wearing shape wear helps to conture, accentuate and smooth everything out.
Am a great lover of shape wear because wearing the right shape wear can deliver a boost of confidence. “Shape wear provides the perfect canvas underneath clothing to keep them from clinging,” explains style expert and “The Bra Book” author Jene Luciani. 

Online clothing brand Marisota launched a campaign earlier this year about wearing the right shape wear for your body type/shape. This tool helped me understand the right shape wear for my body type and am sure it will be useful to all ladies. Shape wear can be very expensive and trust me it's worth it. There are a lot of cheap shape wear from Primark and the quality is fantastic to start with. 

It is essential that we know our body type before we know the right shape wear. You can click HERE to know your body type.

Figure Fixers - Lingerie and Shapewear Fitting Guide - Marisota
Figure Fixers - Lingerie and Shapewear Fitting Guide - An infographic by the team at Marisota

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  1. Shapewear for women is strategically designed to target problem areas of the body such as unwanted fats around the waist, back or thighs. More information is available on my site


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