Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Date Night Outfit

Hello Ladies. I love date night, dressing up, daughter away for the weekend, good food, raving, etc that's my idea of spending quality time together with my hubby. This particular date night was fun filled and was more like a road trip. First of all, I wanted to attend a ladies night out event but that didn't happen (it was a shame i could not attend). My hubby and I decided to go chill with our friends before we set out raving for the night and by the way our daughter was enjoying herself with her grandparents.

So I got dressed  and out we go with so much excitement in the air, We arrived at the City Centre ready to party and enjoy ourselves but we were greeted by a bunch of university FRESHERS on their first night of freedom. They were so loud and abusive, the queue was so long (by the way the time was 11:45 pm) that we did to leave and guess where we went to McDonalds. Yes, McDonalds.

My hubby and I joined the queue at McDonalds (time was 12:25 am) we ordered our meals sat at the waiting area watching drunk Geordie girls and lads... Am sure they were puzzled to see a lady all dressed up in McDonalds in the middle of the night. After about 15 minutes we got our meal  and we were on our way back home (40 minutes drive). The drive back home was fun and romantic (wink wink).

My best date night so far. It was not about expensive meals but about have fun together. This particular date brought back memories of when I first met my hubby.
What a great night...

Dancing mode

Dress [] Zara
Skirt [] Debenhams
Shoes [] Nine West
Clutch [] LK Bennet


  1. Damn!!! You really do know how to dress your body. Lovely outfit.

    1. Olabisi thx so much... i really appreicate your comments... keep checking the blog for more style inspirations... share the post on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc

  2. I love this dress so beautiful!!

  3. Thx Elizabeth for stopping by...

  4. Lovelyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. Nice dress. Also in love with the LK Bennet clutch purse.


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