Thursday, 3 October 2013

Natural Hair: Products I use...

Hello Ladies, I had a few request about how I take care of my TWA and am happy to share with you tips that worked for me. Please note am not an expert in natural hair care but I know a few tricks that really works from my personal experience. I've always had black thick lush hair and I have done different things to my hair from short, long, fringe, colour, etc. The best and the most easy to maintain is growing my hair naturally.

I took my time  to research about the products I want to use, methods and manageability. I decided to use the "Curly Girl Method" which means not using a sulfate shampoo, because sulfates tend to strip the hair of its natural oils. Once you take away the sulfates, your hair can retain its natural moisture.


I use Bodyshop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and Rainforest Nutrition Conditioner.  These are my two favourite shampoo and conditioner of all time because it's sulfate and silicone free. It make my hair more manageable and easy to detangle. The fragrance is amazing, very rich and the product has a creamy texture.


After cleansing and conditioning my hair, I apply Giovanni leave in conditioner to my hair for moisture (you can never have too much moisture) and it makes my hair really soft, I apply raw shea butter to my hair followed by Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Finally, I apply Eco styler gel to help set my natural curls in place all day. I use Argan oil and Castor oil once a week after cleansing and moisturing my hair. 

Since I started my natural hair journey 10 months ago, I have loved every bit of it. Although I've not styled my hair since, I love my wash and go. It's easy and it looks great every time.

My hair without any products. I just co-washed my hair with the Bodyshop conditioner in this picture. Somethings I just want my scalp to relax and breath (if you know what I mean). I love the no products look, it's rough, edgy and chic at the same time.

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  1. we gt it in africa?nigeria per say..I mean d kitz u usin

    1. Hi... i don't where you can buy them from in Africa but i will find out and let you know... Thx

  2. It is official... You are AMAZING!!!
    @anonymous, there are a lot of natural hair product stockist in Nigeria. You can get from
    KL's Natural beauty bar: 29c Ikorodu crescent, dolphin estate, ikoyi
    I hope this helps.

    1. Thx so much Olabisi... I really appreciate your comment and thx for posting the link.... You are amazing

  3. For oils, try

  4. Lovely website and you hair is really beautiful
    can i use this ecostyler gel for my toddler, shes 19months and what leave in conditioner can i use for her hair
    thanks for answers


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