Wednesday, 6 November 2013


A couple of months ago,  I was at a party enjoying myself when a lady whispered in my ear, " you have a lovely shape and the biggest bum in this party". She gave me a peep talk about how ladies feel uncomfortable around curvy ladies especially young single curvy ladies! Other ladies at the party made pleasant compliments 
while others were sarcastic! For a second I was ashamed of MY BODY. 
After this experience I began to figure out the best exit to this constant ordeal. I stood in front of a mirror pointing out body parts I disliked. "My thighs are too big, my bum is huge, too much cellulite, etc." and all I want is to be normal like everyone else.

After the birth of my daughter, I thought my body will automatically snap back like most celebrities but the opposite was the case.  The hormonal change took it's toll with the sudden appearance of stretch marks and the extra inches around my waist line. I've noticed that many ladies share a similar experience with me or relate to this at some point in life. Experts believe that as much as  91% of women are not satisfied with their body

Negative body image makes you feel inferior, ashamed, awkward, uncomfortable and anxious in your own body and around other people. I know we all are discreet about our inward feelings but changing the outward appearance will not make a difference until the problem is dealt with from within. 
Overcoming negative body image is a long road filled with highs and lows. Here are a few tips on how I've dealt with this issue so far:

Surround yourself with positive people who will aid lifting you up and contribute to your happiness. This might sound silly but after the birth of my daughter,  I felt unattractive and I discussed my concerns with my husband and I got loads of  reassurance and encouragement from him. Often times, we assume everyone around us knows our issues but not until we talk about them. Talking about your troubles does not make you weak, it helps you discover all the love you have around you.

Educate yourself about positive body image. Read books,  follow me super curvy me(wink wink), and ask question. There are tonnes of information available on the internet about looking and feeling good about your body.

Spend more time learning to love your body and always appreciate you body size and shape. I've discovered that we spend too much time complaining about our body. Loving yourself, respecting yourself and appreciating all the wonderful things about you makes you more confident, increases self-esteem and make you more attractive to others. Appreciate what makes you unique, what makes you special and you will see so many incredible qualities in yourself if you take the time to look. Be your biggest fan!
Most importantly, forget about what society portrays as “normal” or “attractive” and do what is right for you, your life and your body type. 

Do you have tips/stories/questions on how to overcome body image issues, make sure to comment below so we can all learn together. 
Have a blessed day...

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  1. Bisi dear, you have done a very good job, love your write-up, may Grace be multiplied unto you (AMEN)...


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