Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Family Time

Hello everyone, hope you had a great time during the Easter holiday? It's always refreshing when you spend quality time with friends and family. Most families have both parents working which makes spending quality time as a family difficult. I remember while growing up, my mum leaves the house early in the morning to work and come back late but she always made sure she spent quality time with me and my siblings. Every Sunday, she would take us out to somewhere nice to spend time with us.

 Spending time together enjoying fun activities can be associated with kids and parents having a stronger emotional bond. These activities don't have to cost money.  The simplest activities your family enjoys and does together counts as quality family time.

What do you enjoy doing with your friends and family? 
I love reading your comments so don't forget to leave yours below.

Until next time


  1. BEAUTIFUL family you have there!! You are truly blessed and I love your hair! =)


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