Friday 11 September 2015

Missing In Action OR Me Time?

 Picture from Bell Creative Gallery
Hello everyone, I feel like I've been hiding for the last few months (am so sorry). It's amazing how busy family life is with the added demand of having a full time career. The odd thing for me has been the guilt about not doing “what I should” for networking/keeping things current on my blog. While I do understand that going missing is not good for blogging and keeping people engaged, I also know that sometimes it's good to step away and have some me time. I don’t believe we can truly connect to others if we aren’t connected to ourselves.

TIME has been on my mind a lot lately. It can be a friend or foe, depending on whether we are in control of it. Like any precious commodity, we must keep some in reserve for ourselves, and then spend the rest generously. The biggest thing that the last few months has revealed is how much time I have when not actively updating, posting my own pages or reading and following others on social media. For me, although I follow other blogs, I do get distracted reading and scrolling through newsfeeds. When I finally have time to relax from work, taking a quick look at Facebook or Instagram was becoming very normal and while there is nothing wrong with that, is it really the best way for me to relax?  I think not!
Doing nothing is highly beneficial sometimes. Taking some time to think or not think and just be is amazing for your soul. Let your thoughts go and wander and take a back winding road just to see where you end up in your mind. You may have a divine remembering of a long seemingly forgotten memory, maybe you just wander in and out of different memories, maybe you decide to make a new memory? It doesn’t matter where you end up just let yourself go and see what happens.
The last few months in pictures,

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